Positive Principles of Modern Behavioral Science


Be Inspired...

Timeless Teachings of Historic Classical Horsemanship


Deeper Awareness and Profound Appreciation


Harmony and Joy of Trusting Relationships

Equine Problem Solving & Behavior Modification

Using Positive Reinforcement Techniques

Education for People

Equine Behavior and Positive Reinforcement Techniques: Workshops, Lectures, Demonstrations, & Individual Instruction. 

I help horse owners understand the basics of behavioral science, learning theory and operant conditioning.

Horse Training

Problem Solving and Behavior Modification

I help horses overcome the problems that strain their relationships with people.  Whether phobias or aggression, difficulties with farrier or vet, problems with bridling or trailering, I work directly with your horse to resolve behavior issues.

I am amazed at Shark even after only 4 months of working with you and positive reinforcement. He is so much happier now than I have ever known him to be. His pain and frustration is melting away each day. I just can’t thank you enough for teaching me the way and giving us a chance!